If you cannot find an answer to your enquiry here, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

There are 3 steps you need to complete for course and test registration (except 1st-SEC(K) registration):
1. Apply for BCA Acknowledgement Notice;
2. Once the Acknowledgement Notice is approved, visit our website and fill-up the online application form;
3. Log-in to One-Stop Portal, previously known as Assessment Management System or AMS, and select our training centre - Grace Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd - as your training provider.
4. Confirm the course and test date* and make payment for the registration.
*We will contact you within 3-working days to confirm your preferred course and test date once we receive your application.

You will need to renew your Higher Skilled Worker or R1 Status within 2 years from the date of issue. In the event, you have exceeded the 2-year period, you can still attend the CET Renewal course within the 3rd and 4th year. However, within the period when your status expired, you won't be able to enjoy the benefits until you renew your status. After the 4th year, you are not allowed to renew the status and have to re-attend the CoreTrade/Multi-Skilling course and test again to register for Higher Skilled Worker or R1 Status .

With effect from 24 Jan 2017, firms may apply for WTU funding support from One-Stop Portal at https://www.bca.gov.sg/ams_public/ when you select the training course and provider by completing the required declarations.
NOTE: Firms MUST have an existing account with WTU in order to apply for WTU funding support using One-Stop Portal.

NO. You are NOT eligible for WTU funding support if you register as individual applicant.

Your Employer has to write in to BCA to request for change of applicant type.
Write in to bca_coretrade@bca.gov.sg
Provide the following details:
1. Submission No;
2. Name of the candidate;
4.Reason for change.

YES. You can attend the 2nd-SEC(K) without 4 years of experience. However, you can ONLY register as Higher Skilled Worker (R1) once you reach 4 years of experience. Please note that in this case you are NOT eligible for WTU funding support.

You can ONLY attend 1st-SEC(K) and upgrade yourself through Direct R1 Pathway given that you must have a minimum salary of S$1,600 on monthly basic and pass your SEC(K) test with higher skilled. Please note that there is NO WTU funding support entitled for 1st-SEC(K).

For 1st-SEC(K) registration, there is NO need to apply for BCA Acknowledgement Notice.
Please email to us directly at enquiry@graceattc.com with the following documents for registration:
1. Worker's NRIC/valid work pass
2. Worker's passport (for foreigner only)
3. Malaysian's IC (if applicable)

NO. You/He are/is NOT allowed to attend any type of course and test without a valid work pass.